Version 3

Version 3

India Art Fair

The conversation continues.

Displayed at the digital arts booth

Hosted by BeFantastic with the support of Tezos India, a collection of interactive digital artworks are presented at India Art Fair (Fig. 1). With a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, K(not) a Conversation v3 represents one of the projects of creative practices that have emerged out of collaborative international fellowships through the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new base

For the fair, the sculpture was revised and modified. A completely new prototype was made and shipped to India. It is slightly larger and is displayed on a custom-built base instead of a hanging mechanism as before (Fig. 2).

The conversation is shifting

The phone app is now able to extend the conversation. By looking for certain keywords in the AI-generated answers, new questions are formulated and replace the inital set of questions during the duration of the exhibition (28th April to 1st May). For the first time, true communication of the AI with itself has been achieved. This is a big step towards the initial vision of the project.

Supporting Images

Fig. 01: Introducing the project at the BeFantastic booth.

Fig. 02: Interaction of the visitors with the sculpture during the art fair.

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